Nuclear Medicine Main Disconnect Panel provides emergency shutdown, overcurrent protection, OSHA Lock Out/Tag Out provision in an OSHPD Pre-approved stand-alone cabinet. The MDP also serves as a local disconnect for the Diagnostic Imaging System. Optionally, the Main Disconnect Panel allows for an automatic reclosure after a power outage so the system can come back online without maintenance intervention. The MDP is available in multiple configurations to meet the  needs of any PET or SPECT camera and hybrid system with CT and MRI scanners.

  • Emergency Power Off function

Fail-Safe Under-Voltage Trip
~ Opens the Main Circuit Breaker when the EPO is pressed
~ Also provides low voltage protection from power sags
~ Circuit Breaker needs to be reset after EPO event or power sag

Traditional Shunt Trip
~ Opens the Main Circuit Breaker when the EPO is pressed
~ Power to operate the shunt trip is derived inside the MDP
~ Circuit Breaker needs to be reset after EPO event

Contactor-Based NO-TRIP
~ Opens a contactor to remove power from the system when an EPO is pressed
~ Power will be restored when releasing the EPO; no Circuit Breaker needs to be reset

  • Optional integration of power for cooling equipment into the MDP
  • Wide range of voltage and power options to support the smallest camera to the hybrid systems
  • Integral X-Ray ON, X-Ray Ready and Power ON controls can be included in the MDP


  • Reduce installation time by providing a single-point power connection
  • Proven components and designs eliminate guesswork
  • Standard configurations suitable for use in 25ka short-circuit current rated (SCCR) power systems
  • Standardized design and testing ensures high product quality and system reliability
  • Includes installation and operation manual
  • UL and cUL listed, labeled, and tested; conforms to National Electric Code
  • Surface or semi-flush mounting
  • High SCCR ratings and a variety of custom configurations are available
    Please contact Bevco Imaging Suite Controls for consultation.
  • Seismic ICC-ES-AC156 shake tested approval per OSHPD requirements
  • Panel disconnect provides OSHA lock-out / tag-out provisions
  • Supplied with remote red Emergency OFF guarded Push-to-Latch/Twist-to-Release push button, wall plate and nameplate
  • Factory wired and tested; all devices are selected for high reliability and long life
  • Door has provisions for padlocking to control access
  • Available International CE, 380/400/415V designs include main circuit breaker 30ma, adjustable, RCD protection

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