Cath Labs Main Disconnect Panel provides emergency shutdown, overcurrent protection, OSHA Lock Out/Tag Out provision in an OSHPD Pre-approved stand-alone cabinet. The MDP also serves as a local disconnect for the Diagnostic Imaging System. Optionally, the Main Disconnect Panel allows for an automatic reclosure after a power outage so the system can come back online without maintenance intervention. The MDP provides power for the X-Ray Generator and the Control Cabinet.

Available in multiple configurations to meet the needs of any Cath Lab.

  • Emergency Power Off function

Fail-Safe Under-Voltage Trip
~ Opens the Main Circuit Breaker when the EPO is pressed
~ Also provides low voltage protection from power sags
~ Circuit Breaker needs to be reset after EPO event or power sag

Traditional Shunt Trip
~ Opens the Main Circuit Breaker when the EPO is pressed
~ Power to operate the shunt trip is derived inside the MDP
~ Circuit Breaker needs to be reset after EPO event

Contactor-Based NO-TRIP
~ Opens a contactor to remove power from the system when an EPO is pressed
~ Power will be restored when releasing the EPO. No Circuit Breaker needs to be reset

  • Optional integration of power for cooling equipment into MDP
  • Wide range of voltage and power options to support the smallest single-plane system to large Biplane systems
  • Integral X-Ray ON, X-Ray Ready and room light controls can be included in the MDP


  • Reduce installation time by providing a single-point power connection
  • Proven components and designs eliminate guesswork
  • Standard configurations suitable for use in 25ka short-circuit current rated (SCCR) power systems
  • Standardized design and testing ensures high product quality and system reliability
  • Includes installation and operation manual
  • UL and cUL listed, labeled, and tested; conforms to National Electric Code
  • Surface or semi-flush mounting
  • High SCCR ratings and a variety of custom configurations are available
    Please contact Bevco Imaging Suite Controls for consultation.
  • Seismic ICC-ES-AC156 shake tested approval per OSHPD requirements
  • Panel disconnect provides OSHA lock-out / tag-out provisions
  • Supplied with remote red Emergency OFF guarded Push-to-Latch/Twist-to-Release push button, wall plate and nameplate
  • Factory wired and tested; all devices are selected for high reliability and long life
  • Door has provisions for padlocking to control access
  • Available International CE, 380/400/415V designs include main circuit breaker 30ma, adjustable, RCD protection

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